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No business can survive without some degree of marketing. Years ago when I first started out in my own business, my only option was print advertising.
I owned a computer company and used to proudly occupy the position on the front page of the Cape Ads week after week, and WOW, did we sell computers from that advert.
At that stage it was partly position, partly repetition, but most of all – people would actually buy the Cape Ads as this was the only way that they could buy and sell second hand goods.
Of course that was in the days before Gumtree and OLX and other such websites.

Today things are so different, it is all about building a following and connections. Although this is a process and does take time, if you work at it consistently, you will eventually end up with your very own audience to market to. I used to think that the only way to do this was to constantly run competitions and to give things away, but found that I was not necessarily attracting people who were serious about my business or my products. The day I sat down and worked out a strategy for my marketing, was the day I started growing organically and consistently. It was almost as though someone had flicked a switch and people out there started taking me more seriously.

So, what if you don’t yet have that following? Find someone with the same market as yours who does have a following and tap into their market.

M.O.M Diary has an established client base and following on various platforms which I am willing to share with a maximum of 200 businesses who have a similar market to mine.
If your market is women and you would like to increase your prospects, please email me on
I will even include showing you how to develop a marketing strategy for the next year if that is what you need. I mentioned above that marketing now days is not only accessible, but also “cost effective”. Of course I am going to expect something in return, but I am offering you HUGE value for the approximate price of “a meal for one person in a restaurant” per month.

I look forward to hearing from you via email or you can click here to have a look at what our  marketing offering consists of.