In my previous blog, I wrote about my journey from busyness to ease and how various “teachers” have shown up at the right time to guide me through the next phase of my journey. As I became more aware of creating balance in my life, I started realizing that it’s all good and well to plan and be super organized, but one still has to make room for life to happen.


I first heard about “Living in Flow” after watching my two friends and colleagues, Donna and Timea, put this concept into practice in their own lives and business. They were having phenomenal results and went on to develop the “Flow Experience” which is facilitated by Timea.

I must say, when I first heard the term “Living in Flow”, I was fascinated but also very skeptical, thinking “this could never work for me, I am a diary person and diary people keep strict times and dates”. How wrong I was! After learning that flow is not about sitting back and doing nothing or being lazy, I found how I could incorporate this concept into my world, and WOW, what an impact it had on my life!


Being Present – Instead of trying to do a whole bunch of things at one time, just for the sake of getting them done or ticked off my list, I can now focus wholeheartedly on one thing at a time. Being able to give my full attention to something without my mind racing ahead to the next thing or worrying about something that happened before. Every now and then I find my tummy feeling churned up and I realize that my thoughts are all over the place. I stop, slow down my mind, my breathing and bring myself back into that moment.

Allowing myself time off – My mindset was to always be productive, every second of the working day, and beyond! Through Flow, I have learnt that it’s ok to take time off when I feel like it. I am allowed to go for coffee, take a nap, have an off day or stay in bed if I’m sick. I even allowed myself a month overseas, something I could never do before.

Working from a point of inspiration – at one point in my life, work felt like I was “pushing a jumbo jet with its hand brake on”. I had to think so hard; it felt like my brain was shutting down. Nothing came easily. It was only after I learnt that when we work from a place of inspiration, rather than desperation, that work doesn’t feel like work anymore. It is literally as if it flows through me and the quality of the work is totally different and often ends up taking half the time that it would have before.


I think Flow is one of those things that when you get it, you get it. There are still times where I feel a bit jumbled up inside, but because of the tools I have been given to get myself back into the flow, I seldom stay there for very long.

And of course, my diary is still very much part of my planning, goals, gratitude and daily life. I could never live without my MOM Diary!! In the last two years, I have made very subtle changes to the diaries in the hope that it will help others find the flow in their lives as well.

Timea, the flow Alchemist, is offering 7 days of Flow email journey where you can get a taste of how FLOW can change your life. Sign up NOW for her FREE7 Days of Flow Journey


I asked Timea to write something to add to this blog as she is the absolute expert in this field. Here is what she had to say:

I believe that life really doesn’t have to be full of hard work, effort, stress, and struggle and that it can instead be full of fun, ease, love, creativity, joy, abundance, and lightness.

However, life happens and things go wrong, so how do you stop being stressed, anxious or tense when it does and connect back into flow? By using the 6 easy flow tools below:

1 – Breathe

When you are stressed, you usually take short, shallow breaths which only exacerbate the panic you’re feeling. Simply focus on your breath, and take 10 long, deep breaths all the way down into your stomach.  When you focus on your breath, it’s almost impossible to think about anything else, and the panic subsides.

2- Okayness Statement

Sometimes things go wrong, and life sends you experiences that don’t feel good; and even experiences that really suck. The tool that I use the most to shift my reality from ‘THIS SUCKS’ back into “EASE”, is this okayness statement:

Even though this situation may not be ideal, in this moment, it’s ok, and in this moment, I’m ok.

The truth is that if you are alive, no matter what is going on in that particular moment, you are ok. This statement helps to reassure your overactive mind that you are ok and to pull you out of the drama of the experience.

3- Get present

When you are present, you are here now. You’re not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You are simply here. The point of power is always in the present moment.

The exercise:

Close your eyes and take 3 slow deep breaths in and out. Then gently open your eyes. With your eyes open, do a slow cycle through the senses.
What am I seeing?
What am I smelling?
What am I tasting?
What am I hearing?
What am I feeling? – the feeling can relate to what you are touching or what you are feeling emotionally in the moment.
Repeat this cycling through the senses a few times to get really present.
You may feel heavy when you do this exercise, that’s normal. It’s what being here now feels like, grounded and present.

4 – ‘Let it be easy’ mantra

Our thoughts and words are powerful creators of our reality. When we tell ourselves a task is going to be challenging or difficult, then it becomes that. So the next time you’re experiencing a problem or challenge, raise your arms in the air and shout ‘Let it be easy!’ – It is as easy as that!

5 – Get outside

Nature is the best mood enhancer. Go for a walk, swim in the sea, breathe the fresh air, feel your bare feet on the grass, hug a tree, climb a mountain. It’s very hard to be stressed when surrounded by the beauty of nature.

6 – Do more of the things you love

Bring as many things that you love to do into every day as you can. No matter what your situation, you can always bring at least one thing that you love into each day.  If you’re not sure what it is that you love, finish this sentence with as many things as you can think of ‘My soul lights up when I ……….’  Then go and do those things!

The amazing thing about all these tools I’ve shared with you is that they don’t cost any money, need any fancy equipment or take up much time. You can start using them right now!

I share more of these tools in my FREE “7 days of Flow email journey” Alison mentioned so if you’d like to know more, please sign up on my website “The Flow Experience“.


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