The MOM and WOW Diaries were conceptualised and created in 2010 when I found myself jobless after a startup company I had been asked to join had gone into liquidation.

What inspired me to design a diary for moms
Being a working mother of 4 boys, I found ways of keeping track of everyone in my family, running the household and staying on top of my own commitments. Besides being organised person by nature, I am also a very goal driven person, and most of what I have achieved, has started with me setting a goal. I discovered that if I kept this all in one place, i.e. my diary, it was far easier to manage and monitor.
I decided that there was something in my systems that I could share with other moms. As a diary had always been at the core of my organisational hub, I felt I could take what was already out there and convert it into something that could be far more functional. At the time, the only diaries available were very plain and boring green, black, blue and maroon ones. I decided mine should be pink and purple and should be full of prettiness and usefulness and should include not only organisation and time management but also incorporate budgeting, goal setting, shopping, meal planning, record keeping, gratitude and many other things; in a format that is simple, effective and easy to use.

Two years after the MOM (Most Organised Mother) was born, I decided to add the WOW (Wonderfully Organised Woman) to the range. They are very similar, except for a few pages that are specifically to record kids things. Over the years I have added various other products to my range, including the MultiPlanners and inspirational journals.

MY VISION: to take what I have learnt through my own experience and convert it into something that I can share with other women in order to make their lives more manageable. To create a time management and organisational tool that helps any woman, not only manage her life but also create balance in her life and to live her life to the fullest.


The feedback that I have received over the years, from ladies thanking me for creating these products, is confirmation enough that the product is helping women all over, manage their lives more effectively. I am so grateful for the support that I get year after year from customers.

Since inception, the diary has been tweaked and changed to try and suit as many people as possible, and although it would be an impossible task to satisfy each and every one’s needs 100%, I think we have come close.

I hope that you enjoy and get value out of whichever product you decide suits your needs and I wish you all the success for 2018.