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ALISON DEARY is the founder and publisher of MOM and WOW Diary

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MY VISION: to take what I have learnt through my own experience and convert it into something that I can share with other women in order to make their lives more manageable. To create a time management and organisational tool that helps any woman, not only manage her life but also create balance in her life and to live her life to the fullest.

7 years ago, I decided to publish a diary that would not only suit my needs, but also the needs of thousands of other women, whose challenges in running a household and most often a job or business too, are very similar to my own.

Having been a working mother of 4 boys for the last 26 years, I have had to find ways of keeping track of everyone in the family, running the household and staying on top of my own commitments. Any woman, whether they have kids or not, has a diverse portfolio, when it comes to life.

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Besides being organisational and time management driven, I am also a very goal driven person, and most of what I have achieved, has started with me setting a goal. I find that if I kept this all in one place, i.e. my diary, it is far easier to manage and monitor.

So, the MOM and WOW Diary incorporate many of these aspects – organisation, time management, budgeting, goal setting, shopping, meal planning, record keeping, gratitude, convenience – all in a format that is simple, effective and easy to use.

Each year I am blown away by the reaction from people as they receive their diaries. I have received so many emails from ladies over the years, thanking me for creating this product that helps them manage their lives. It has become a “hit” and a “have to have” with many women and I am so grateful for the support that I get year after year from customers.

Since inception, the diary has been tweaked and changed to try and suit as many people as possible, and although it would be an impossible task to satisfy each and every one’s needs 100%, I think we have come close. Thank you for buying a 2017 MOM or WOW Diary and I hope that you find it to be a useful tool.

3 years ago I added the School and Student Sorted™ Planners to my to my product range. These are planners that teach students time management and organisation skills which are crucial in life. The “Entrepreneur Sorted™” is based on the same concept, and is very useful for anyone starting or running a business. Credit of the actual design of the Sorted™ Planners goes to an acquaintance of mine, Jan McWilliams. Jan designed each page for her own kids to use while they were at school. So many people asked her to print copies for their kids, that she decided to turn it into a product that she could sell.

The latest product, the MultiPlanner is the brainchild of Howard Deary, Alison’s brother. Howard has always been involved in the design of the MOM and WOW Diary. Putting their talents together has enabled Alison and Howard to expand the range.

I hope that you enjoy and get value out of whichever product you decide suits your needs and I wish you all the success for 2017.