Entrepreneur Sorted™ Planner

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The Entrepreneur Sorted™ Planner – the journal that assists entrepreneurs with organisation and time management. It is ideal for anyone starting or running a business or for anyone managing projects. The layout is so practical, you will find that managing your time become second nature.

  • 52 week planner
  • double page per week
  • no dates, start using any time during the year
  • break your day up in a way that suits your needs (by time or category)
  • colour coded sticky tabs to flag meetings, SARS returns, travel dates, events and other
  • important company details (VAT no, registration number, SARS numbers and more)
  • year planner – current and next year
  • place for note
  • inspirational quotes
  • tutorial and charts to assist with time management
  • goal setting – including business and personal goals
  • financial information for entrepreneurs
  • business tools and advice
  • project break down tools and charts
  • contacts

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Price: R275 each  Delivery: R35 (per delivery regardless of quantity ordered)