Reviews on School Sorted™ Planner

Reviews on the School Sorted™ Planner

“School Sorted™ is an excellent tool. It not only enables learners to develop time management and organisational skills, but when used in conjunction with parent supervision to ensure daily consolidation, it can significantly improve academic results.”
Sharon Aitken
Educational Psychologist  Phone: 021-7621355  Cell: 0834171271

“As an education specialist my passion is helping learners become confident students. Stumbling upon the School Sorted™ Planner was an absolute blessing.  My little girl is still too young to use it effectively but I am promoting this diary to all my students at the Edublox Reading and Learning Clinic and have only had positive feedback, from both parents and learners.  Being more organised is the first step in taking charge of your academic success!”
Monique van Heerden
Educational Practitioner  Phone: 011-7645824  Cell: 0825317200

“The School Sorted™ Planner helped my son, Justin, in grade 8 immensely. He went from being a disorganised student, who was completely failing his year,  to passing all subjects with flying colours. I was called by the school the other day – they were so pleased with his progress and the way that he is completing projects and tasks. I attribute the progress to our effort in completing the time table with the help of the School Sorted™ Planner, as well as the system that School Sorted put in place for us.”
Robyn Lambrick
Mom of Justin Lambrick