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It’s hard to believe that another year is almost finished and that our kids are starting to gear themselves up for exams. Having had 4 kids, 2 of whom are still at school, I have had plenty of years’ experience in kids writing exams.

Many kids dread this time of year, but this could be avoided if they were properly prepared.

Here are some tips with links to worksheets that can be downloaded and used to help them with their planning. I have also included 3 short videos to make it easier to understand.


Kids need to know how much time they have available to study. This will depend on what sports and extramural activities they have on and what your family weekends look like. Using the downloaded time sheet, help them work out their time availability.

  1. Block off the chunk of time from the morning until the end of their school day.
  2. Block off time for any weekday or weekend sport or extra murals.
  3. Block off the time spent eating dinner, preparing for bed, showering, etc.
  4. Block of any other set commitments that they have during the week or weekend.
  5. Look at the gaps and decide how many hours they could dedicate to studying each day, bearing in mind that they also need some time to relax.
  6. Add up the number of hours available to study per week.
  7. Times the hours per week by the number of weeks from now until just before exams start – this is how many hours they have to prepare!

Download Time Sheet


Most schools will have handed out the notes on “what to study”. Using these, or the downloaded worksheet, they need to decide how many hours they need to allocate per subject.

  1. If your child has had sheets handed to him/her with the full breakdown of what to learn, then they can skip the next 4 points below (start again with point 6).
  2. Write each subject in the heading on the downloaded page/s.
  3. Fill in the date of the exam for that subject.
  4. Write the topics that need to be studied within that subject.
  5. Break it down further into sections within those topics.
  6. Next take the total number of hours available as worked out in STEP 1, and divide by the number of subjects to study (e.g. 32 hours available / 8 subjects = 4 hours per subject).
  7. Decide whether they want to study an equal number of hours per subject, or whether they want to take some time from one subject to allocate to another (e.g. Take 1 hour from Maths and add it to History).

Download Subject Breakdown Sheet  (Print as many sheets as subjects to study)


This is the final step for your kids to set up their study schedule. They have already worked out how much time they have available, what they need to study and how much time they need to study each subject. Next, they need to have a planner so that they fill out a study schedule, from now until the exams are over.

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